3 Mobile Marketing Tips to Use Today

Mobile is taking over the business market. So much so, that many businesses have entire teams devoted to their mobile marketing strategy. In 2015, mobile users surpassed PC users, showcasing just how important having a mobile website is for a business. It also showcases why a mobile marketing strategy is needed. For companies looking to increase their mobile marketing and ensure this is cutting edge, there are several tips which can help earn their end goal.

  1. Ensure you are using QR Codes

QR Codes have been seen for a while on the market, however, many businesses found that consumers did not use these as they were meant to be used, or simply ignored these. However, QR codes are going to have an even larger role in the mobile marketing world within the next year. These QR codes are not only going to give information about a product to the consumer, but can also be used for shopping experiences, connecting to shopper rewards cards and the like.

  1. Use your app to place links and much more


Apps are becoming more common place for businesses to have. This makes sense as more mobile users are using apps in order to find information and connect specifically with that business. A trend that is going to be seen in the coming months are links within these apps that are embedded to get a person where they want to go in a short length of time. This is referred to as “deep linking”. For example, if the user were to click on an advertisement within an app for new summer dresses, they would directly go to the app with the summer dress they may be interested in. This deep linking process ensures that consumers are getting what they want immediately on their mobile, versus having to search.

  1. Have an automated marketing plan in place

Mobile marketing opens up the automated marketing sector in a way that PC’s cannot compete with. Consumers love getting advertisements that are personally directed towards them. And businesses benefit from this as well, as it often leads to many new sales. The new automated marketing will include push notifications, emails and messages only available in-app.

Mobile marketing is a concept that cannot be overlooked by any business. For businesses who are looking to ensure their mobile marketing is optimised, utilising a professional digital marketing company like Encendo can help. Through optimising your mobile marketing, you can increase your consumer base.