3 tips for optimizing your Pins

Pinterest has become one of the most powerful digital marketing tools since it was launched back in 2010. Nowadays, almost every successful marketing strategy includes Pinterest in one way or another, and as content multiplies, it becomes increasingly more difficult for small brands to get their stuff out there.

However, optimizing your Pins is the key to augment your chances of reaching your company’s potential audience. Social networking is all about producing the proper material and targeting the right people, and these x tips can help you do just that:

1- Use the perfect resolution:social networks are all about proper visuals, and Pinterest is not the exception to this rule. Unlike other medias like Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest favors height over width, and images tend to lose resolution when they’re smaller than the recommended size.

Make sure your image is at least 735 pixels wide, use high resolution pictures, and always favor vertical content that is longer than its width.


2- Use Rich Pins: this somewhat recent feature is perfect for connecting your content to your website. By activating Rich Pins, the essential information about your product or blog article will be added to your Pin automatically every time you pin something from your site, thus giving your audience the perfect immediate, summarized information about what they’re seeing.

Although it can’t really replace your description (see next point), it can definitely give people an extra boost to make them click on your Pin.

3- Optimize your description: Pinning your products and blog posts is not enough. You should never overlook your Pin’s description, since this is the part of your content that can be optimized for SEO and include Call-to-Actions, credits and even hashtags. Here is where you can improve your content’s chance to be found, so get creative and remember to be concise and alluring.