5 Important Facts about League of Legends That Parents Need to Know

League of Legends is one of the highest rated and most played games in the world. Those who are into online gaming, know about League of Legends quite well. If you are a strategic thinker and want to test your logical thinking ability, this is the game you should give a try. However, if you are no more an adult but have a child who’s fascinated about League of Legends, you should pay a close heed to those five important things closely-

What’s This Game Is All About?

When you see your child getting mad behind this game and continue playing it for hours, this is the first question that will hit your mind. To cut a long story short, this is a multiplayer online game in which your child plays as a champion having extraordinary abilities. Here you child executes a mission with the help of his teammates against another team, with the only objective to win the challenge.

Different Game Modes:

There are multiple game modes that your child can select and proceed further; however, the most famous among them is Summoner’s Rift. In this mode, all the players are split into two teams having five players each. Each player of both the teams has a unique position. Some players have a lot of powers, others have very less power and need to be protected.

Online or Offline:

If you notice your internet bill is crossing its limits, porn may not be the only option that your child tries online. League of Legends is played online and consumes reasonable data. Even if your child is not a pro, he can take the help of Boosteria company cheap legit elo boosting euw and learn this game very quickly to understand all the important points.

Length of League of Legend

It totally depends upon the game mode that he has chosen; however, an average game ends between 25-45 minutes. If he is a master of it, then he can easily finish it within 20 minutes but if he is very new, then it can last longer than an hour.

Does It Cost Real Money

Your child may be fighting for gold and money in League of Legends, but he doesn’t require real-time money to progress in this game. However, children can spend some money on Riot Games to collect Riot Points, which can further be used to buy special costumes, customized skins, etc.

So, keep these points in mind to understand how your child spend his time behind closed doors.