7 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Online Entrepreneurs Make

Are you an aspiring online entrepreneur running a small business by yourself? Then you are probably doing all the promotional material by yourself as well. Digital marketing is affordable, and easy to do without spending money on a large, corporate-level team. The effectiveness of any digital marketing strategy,however, will depend on how well the techniques are implemented. Here is a list of digital marketing mistakes you should definitely avoid if you are running an online business:

1.Compulsively Redesigning Websites

Your website needs to undergo upgrades and redesigns time after time to make user experience optimal. Some entrepreneurs,however interpret the necessity to redesign the website as a constant need to redesign the website. If you keep changing the look of your website all the time, your users will be repelled. Make sure,therefore that any changes you make to your web layout is absolutely needed and is called for.

2.Ignoring Mobile Users

Don’t assume that your customer base will be located entirely online. A good segment of your target audience will be going online using handheld devices like smartphones. These users consume material a little bit differently than web users. You,therefore, need to employ a mobile-specific marketing strategy to reach this group. Invest in app developers and learn all you can about mobile marketing to increase your reach.

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3.Using Pop-Up Ads

This is big no-no. Market research has consistently shown that web users are immediately repulsed by pop-up ads. If you are looking for ways to generate ad revenue from a website, leave pop-up ads out. Employ better techniques like pay-per-click ads or sidebars, but never, ever resort to pop-up ads if you want to retain users.

4.Cramming Keywords

There is such a thing as using too many keywords. Optimising your website for search engines does not mean you should cram as many keywords into it as possible. Google will instantly penalise your website if it contains nothing more than keywords. Therefore, do your research and learn to use keywords in moderation for the best results.

5.Not Spellchecking Web Content

Here’s the simple truth about web content: quality matters over quantity. If you publish 50 low-quality online articles, it will not have a higher impact compared to publishing 5 good-quality web articles. Quality is measured by how well the web content is written, and whether the text is free of spelling and grammar errors, and plagiarised material. You should aim, therefore, to create only good web content to improve search rankings and user traffic.

6.Optimising Only for Google

There are search engines out there other than Google. Not all use the same algorithm, so what works for Google will not work for Bing, for example. You should not overlook optimising your site for these other search engines as well to increase the exposure to your website.

7.Infrequent Updates

When was the last time you updated your business website, blog or Facebook profile? If it’s more than a day ago, then you are not marketing right. You need to keep all your sites frequently updated to remain relevant, and possibly trending. Don’t let your website get old if you can help it.

Have you made any of the above mistakes when you are promoting your online business? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to fix your mistakes and set your digital marketing strategy on the right path.