8 Video Conferencing Tools for Effective Meetings

It is safe to say that you are sick of sitting around idly sorting out your gatherings, arrangements, classes or meetings? Searching for approaches to help the execution of your partners in gatherings? Host an online meeting with video conferencing tools is one of the best ways to solve these issues. Now, we will offer a list of tools to help you organize and animate it.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

The software enables you to sign up as many as hundred participants absolutely free for web conferencing and virtual meetings. Although they are at different locations, these participants can interact face-to-face. A successful online correspondence stage is being given by ezTalks Cloud Meeting programming which sorts out online gatherings everywhere throughout the world. These online meetings will help a lot to cut down expenditure that would have been otherwise incurred by traveling from one location to another for holding just one single conference. Now, one can attend these meetings without any need to move from place to place.

2. Doodle

Doodle offers a very simple interface to plan your meetings and find the time slot that will suit all your collaborators. With Doodle you choose the name of the event, the place, the description, and propose the different schedules and dates that are suitable for you. You then share the link with your employees who indicate their availability.

3. Wisembly

Wisembly is a collaborative web and mobile solution for organizing corporate meetings. Easy to utilize, the Wisembly site encourages the lives of administrators by get ready gatherings, giving members access to archives and offering modules to cooperate, make inquiries and even tests. Wisembly also offers a large conference call in real life. And it does not stop! No more worries about tracking your meetings since the solution automatically performs reports.

4. Google Drive

All users of a Gmail address have access to Google’s real-time file storage and sharing solution. Thus, during your meetings, you can share with your collaborators all types of files (images, videos, classical documents …) and work on several. In addition to the online solution, an application is also available for computer, smartphone and tablet.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking tool for collecting information and organizing it very simply in folders. You can share screens and your notes to your teammates with the goal that everybody includes their data and consequently get a full follow-up of the meeting. The solution is available on the web and in the form of application for computer, smartphone and tablet. All stored information is automatically synchronized to all your devices.

6. Skype

Skype is the best known videoconferencing software and may be the most obvious to use for your remote meetings. Simple to install and use, it is free and available on computer as on mobile and tablet. Up to 10 members can be gone after a Skype group call including video. Notwithstanding, Skype exhorts its clients not to surpass five concurrent associations.

7. Chromebox

Chromebox is an alternative to Skype to organize remote meetings, trainings or seminars. It makes it possible to make video conferences, mobilizing up to 15 participants simultaneously. Easy to utilize, Chromebox introduces on all screens. The total pack contains a camera, a mouthpiece/speaker, a remote control and a control box.

8. Google Hangouts

Hangouts are a video calling solution built into the Google+ social network. All users of a Gmail address have access to this tool. It permits aggregate video rings to join to ten clients and is accessible on all terminals. In addition to making video calls, Google Hangouts users can share documents, images, videos or simply send messages via e-mail. It permits aggregate video rings to join to ten clients and is accessible on all terminals.