Advantages Motivating Businesses To Choose Colocation Hosting In Canada

Cloud computing is the new buzz on the web and application hosting market. When you look for a new option to host your application, most people recommend the cloud hosting platform. However, if you have an existing business and network architecture already in place, it is very difficult to migrate from the traditional client server design to a cloud structural design.

However, there is an alternative for the existing or new businesses looking to keep their data with themselves instead of handing over the control to a third party. Colocation hosting is a great option that allows enterprises to increase their capabilities without completely changing their current structure.

Here are a few benefits of the colocation hosting that give businesses a huge advantage over the conventional architecture.


Cohosting is an architecture that can be scaled up or down at any time with great ease. If there is a huge burst of traffic, you can increase your computational capabilities and if there is a fall in the traffic, you can always switch to a lower plan. Cohosting is an amazing option for enterprises uncertain about their future.

Easy Migration

When a business migrates from client server package to cloud architecture there are huge changes needed to be made in the code, so as to make the applications work. However, for a Colocation migration you do not need any such upgrade. All you need to do is to upgrade the plan and add more servers without changing any code.

Value For Money

When you look to scale up your hosting or for cloud services you are talking about thousands of dollars of investment on hardware or coding to either build a datacenter or make the code compatible with the cloud architecture. However, no such investment is needed in colocation hosting. One can easily scale up by subscribing to a service provider.


Although, the cloud system is equally consistent, so the colocation hosting service is much more reliable than the traditional client server architecture. One needs to understand the importance of reliability in a growing business. Colocation hosting gives you that reliability without the need of vast investing.


While the client server architecture and other arrangements have a narrow approach, where you have a very limited number of options as well as you have to follow certain fixed guidelines. The colocation hosting gives you complete freedom. You can do whatever you like while choosing a colocation hosting plan.

Regional Preferences

When you run an enterprise like a hospital or a hotel, most of the customers are from a specific geographical location. Having a high capacity scalable server in that location definitely beats all other options. Hence, for small enterprises with a lot of local business or for businesses that operate in a certain region, it is best to choose a colocation hosting instead of any other hosting plan.

These benefits motivate a large number of people to choose colocation hosting and there are companies like 7L Networks Inc, which have an expertise in the domain. This organization thrives on their understanding of the customer requirements and provides huge benefits the colocation hosting.

Author’s Bio:

Mark Farley works at 7L Networks Inc and this blog post has been written by him. They offer the best colocation hosting in Canada. Feel free to visit their website to learn more about their services.