An introduction to video camera system for doors

Di you know that more than 50% burglars enter the homes through the front and back doors? Front doors especially are the most vulnerable point in terms of security of the house as that is where the burglars get hold of the house member unaware and unarmed.

While peep holes are certainly there, but do they really work all the time? When someone knocks the door or rings the bell, 80% time you walk up to the door, open it slightly to see who has arrived, only to find yourself standing in front of an armed burglar who gets swift entry to the house through the front door. This situation can be easily avoided by installing video camera for doors.

There are two ways by which you can install security cameras at the door. You can use any regular wireless or wired security camera and install it at the door just like you would do it for other places in and outside the house. The second option that you have got is to get dedicated doorbell camera systems that come with additional intercom features.Image result for video camera for doors.

The video camera door security system

The benefit of the second option over the first one is that with the dedicated doorbell camera system, you would be able to see who has come, and you would be able to talk to the visitor as well. This would save you from any potential danger as you are not required to open the door to strangers who do not need to enter the house.

Most door video camera systems comprise of two parts – the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit comprises of the video camera, the doorbell and the intercom system. The indoor unit comprises of the monitor that displays the video and the intercom system. As soon as the visitor rings the bell, the camera captures the video and displays it on the monitor. The inmate of the house can see the person and talk to him through the intercom without opening the door.

The video cameras that are installed at the doors provide end to end security to the house and its members. Not only it saves the member from opening door to anyone and everyone who rings the bell, but it also captures the images of the visitor which can be used in the future if a need arises.

Other features and benefits

The modern day Doorbell Camera System is highly sophisticated and gets paired with the Smartphone of the home owner. This means that the member of the house will not even need to walk to the monitor to see who is at the door. They can simply connect to the Smartphone app and see who is there and talk to the individual. Only if the door needs to be opened, they need to move.

Many door video camera systems come with the feature of electronic locks as well. With this feature, you can open the door to the visitor even without moving your body. All you need is a swift touch of the finger over the Lock/Unlock button and the visitor gets a safe entry to the house.