Benefits of buying a second hand car in India

The vehicle market in India is booming, cars with new makes and models are being launched by Indian and multinational companies on a monthly basis. Growing market for new car means growing market for used cars as well. There are many benefits of buying used cars instead of new cars nowadays. If you are worried about quality, then don’t be. The used car market in India has come a long way; you no longer have to rely on private sellers and small garages for used cars.

More bang for your buck

A used pre owned car would cost far less than the same car bought from a showroom. If you buy a car that is 3 years old and has run 40,000 km on the odometer, it will probably cost you two third or less of the original price. Which means you will save a small fortune that you could use to buy insurance for the car. Or you could opt for a better car at the same price. If you buy from the right dealer, you will probably get a higher model car within your budget and still save some money. The fact that bangalore used Maruti Suzuki Alto car finance will be available for you is a big plus point as well.

Warranty, after sale service and insurance

If you are planning to buy a car from a used car dealer you will probably not have to worry about post sales services. Find out before buying what level of work up has been done on the car. If a complete overhaul has been done then for the next couple of years you have nothing to worry about. Also just because you are buying a used car doesn’t mean you have to do without warranty. If you buy the car from a dealer, you will get a limited warranty and the insurance on a used car is cheaper as well.