How to Rank a Site without Building PBN Links?

The strategy I am going to show you works best fit for low competition keywords. It doesn’t mean that for every medium to hard level keywords you must need PBN links. You can rank without them, but they will take much more time and investment.

The key in this situation is to find low competition keywords. I know many tools are guessing whether a particular keyword is low or highly competitive. Even one tool shows less competition while another show is high. This can be a big confusing factor for most of the people.


To find low competition keywords you need a long tail pro. Long Tail Pro gathers data from Google Keyword Planner and then arrange that rough data into user-friendly manner. Choose a keyword that has at least 1000 per month searches in a particular territory in which you are trying to rank your keyword.

Now click on keyword competitiveness to check how difficult it is to rank a keyword. If it is less than 30, then another criteria for a keyword fulfilled. Believe me; I have worked on those keywords and without building links I have rank those keywords.

This doesn’t end here. Click on that keyword and check how many links competitors are getting that are on the first page of Google. If all of those sites have links less than 500 and more than three sites have less than ten links than this is the perfect keyword to work on.

Now write a good article on that keyword of at last 1000 words. This is very important to write quality content to get good results in SERP without focusing too much on links. Rinse and repeat this process for your site and when your site starts getting trust with Google, then those keywords starts to jump in SERP. If you could build high authority backlinks, then this process can be a bit quicker.

If you have more than 30 pages on your site based on this criteria, then I can guarantee you can easily bring more than 70% of keywords on the first and second page of Google without building tons on links.

You are thinking how to get authority links. Just go for web 2.0 sites and direct those links to your site home page and in this case, you can increase your home page authority, and when it actually increases, those keywords starts to jump on your site. Moreover, try to increase the social presence of your site because Google considers social signal as a ranking factor.

Why this System Works well?

This system works well because it is very low competitive keywords and there is no presence of authority sites in those keywords and when you start to come in then Google value your content.