Compact Yet Comfortable Fiat Punto Will Enhance Your Social Value

Selling is a tricky job and indeed not everyone’s cup of tea. We often buy things which we later on realize that we do not need. It is never too late. So is it true in this case, if you that you do not require any of your things you put them on sale.

If you got a car you do not need but only out of passion and love of cars and now you think that is just a waste for you and you want to generate extra income, just sell your old car. This way you get a share of your money back also the buyer gets a great deal at a comparatively lesser price or at least he is saved of buying it at the market price. Here we shall discuss selling of your Fiat Punto.

Specs of Punto

Punto is a compact and simple hatchback which is simple yet sophisticated in its design. The headlights are different and unique and it has also got the LED tail lamps as a new addition in its new models. It has a very nice interior which includes all the basic comforts of any car such as air conditioning, upholstery, audio system etc.

It has a powerful 1.2 litre petrol engine which produces 67 bhp of power while the diesel variants have a 1.3 litre multijet engine which produces 90bhp. The mileage given by this hatchback is 15.8 to 20 kmpl. Other marking features include power steering and power windows. It has also got front fog lamps for a safe and convenient driving experience in the winters.

Where to sell?

If you are concerned about a platform to sell your Punto, you can sell used Fiat Punto in Bangalore online, by following this link. The method is robust, rest assured to get hundred percent genuine clients.