Content is a Great Way of Marketing

It is a proven fact that among the numerous strategies for marketing a website, good content has never failed to make it mark. In fact, Google now makes it a point that the first result in the search findings is indeed the best content for that particular keyword search. So, what are the other ways in which good content helps in marketing? Let’s try to figure out.

Google has tightened things up over recent years

In recent years, Google is making constant refinements and improvements in algorithms. This actually helps in creating ranks or scores the content quality of a particular page. Apart from that, they also take help of the manual search team which helps to provide grades to pages as per the requirements of Google’s quality guidelines. Google is in the process of improving its core algorithm which is in the process of constant progression. The search engine is now looking for unique original content which is impactful and at the same time extremely relevant.

Google Panda – targeted low quality content – particularly duplicate


When the update for Google Panda was announced, Google specifically mentioned that the algorithm was designed to reduce the rankings with low-quality content. So, what Google is basically looking for is original content which is well-searched, thoughtful analysis and proper in-depth reports. Also, in this regard it is important to check the sites where you have the posted your links. If they are already termed by Google Panda as sites with low quality content, you will not want backlinks coming from any low-quality source, because this ultimately going to hamper your rankings.

Google Penguin targeted low-quality links

There was a time when website owners initiated artificial methods of increasing links which pointed to their site to basically improve their rankings. Google’s Penguin disregarded the entire method and stopped the benefits which the sites planned to have from any poor quality link. If a site has no unique content, then it will be termed as low quality, and the links derived from this site will be regarded as low quality links. It is better not to manipulate the search results of Google by creating low quality links. To avoid this, what you need to do first is filter the backlinks, at times you need to check each of them manually before removing them. And then once you have an updated list, you just need to manually remove links coming from sites with a bad user experience.

But Content is King and there are always lots of good quality sites that will be happy to use good content

The fact remains that you cannot have a good ranking by compromising on the quality of your content. Churning out great quality content is not enough; you need to reach the maximum number of people. Apart from writing, a significant portion of your time should be spent on post-content creation phase where you get to interact with bloggers, your targeted audience and in some instances people who could connect with your content and have responded. This is nothing but a part of marketing relationship which will help you to have long-term yields.

It gives a professional impression of your business

Think about your site; visually it is attractive, content-wise it is great and you have a swooping marketing campaign. But looking closely, you find a lot of errors and grammatical mistakes in your content. Plus, your audience is of the opinion that there is nothing new about it. They have already heard it before, so what’s the point of hearing about it again? Do you think that your site gives a very professional approach? Does it really create a good impression on your business? The answer to these entire questions is a big no. Small things matter, so try to create content which is unique and original and try to create the much-desired impact.

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