Content Writing Tips

In a world, where there are 2.7 billion internet users, it is challenging to be noticed and remembered. Great content is developed by people who have a desire to write interesting, engaging articles. While some people can come up with some good content and get appreciated for that, other not so lucky people get lost and continue working on their content writing techniques. However, those lucky authors who make great content do not always analyze why the articles they wrote generated such a buzz. The reason – it is difficult to do. You never know when something might be of interest to people and become a new fad. The reasons why people like this particular piece of content are not so obvious. It all comes to personality. Is it because of the articles, the pictures, the video in the articles, or infographics involved? Users create buzz on Facebook, re-tweet, send links or talk about the content because they are somehow touched by it: positively or negatively. The content triggered some emotions in them and made them share it. In their opinion it deserves attention and resonates with themselves or people on the other end of the social network.

Businesses risk to become a minority if they do not provide great unique content in form of blogs or others. The percentage of companies with a blog is constantly growing. 57% of firms with their own blog posts claimed that they got a lot of clients coming purely from their blogs.

Social networks cannot really overrule the role blogging plays in business content tactics and reputation-building.

Useful, authentic and well-researched blogs add a value to a company:

  • Thought leadership: being viewed as a trusted source
  • Improved customer service
  • Brand humanization technique
  • Contextual relevance
  • Better communication and interaction with blog visitors which makes them more loyal and generates advocacy
  • Outstanding feature that distinguishes your company
  • It is closely related to SEO

So it is a must to link a great blog to different social media channels: it might be stumbled upon in a Google Plus search, or a nice blog infographics might be shared across Pinterest.

Choosing the right pictures for blogs is very important. It can drive high level of recognition, particularly if they are easy to relate for a big group of people. People enjoy interpreting pictures and linking it to the context that they liked in the blog post; they like to add their own meaning to them.

What Types Content Do People Share?

  1. Video is the most beloved format of viral content. Adding video into blog is also great way to become memorable. More and more media agencies are now trying to create their own video content in-house. A great number of heavily shared blog posts is accompanied by videos;
  2. List+articles are not just for idiots anymore. The listicle is here to stay, and it is already playing an important role in more serious news reporting;
  3. In-depth articles with a lot of technical (professional) information, for example unique cases or tutorials can be extremely popular on social networks.

The most important tip is do not confine yourself to blogging alone. Find a form of content that accomplishes your purpose and a platform for publishing the content that meets your users.

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