Dealing With Private Sellers When Purchasing Used Cars

Private sellers tend to come in handy when one is having limited cash and they really need to purchase a vehicle. At times you spot or come across an individual selling a car that you are really interested in and you are not in a position to buy from a show room. Below are useful tips to buy used Maruti Suzuki Wagon R in Bangalore from a private seller.

Analyze the advertisement

Carefully go through the information on the advertisement. ¬†It should be descriptive and detailed. Focus on details like miles, year of manufacture, the model of the car etc. Do not fall for fancy details like ‘clean’ and ‘smooth ride’. The seller should be easy to reach over the phone or any other contact information provided. Ask why the car is being sold and verify again the important details.

Do a thorough cross-check of the vehicle

Involve your mechanic to help you examine the car.  Ensure everything is intact and in good condition before you even think of handing over your money. Be open with the seller. Ask of any discrepancies you notice with the car. Have as much information as possible before buying the car.

Valid Paperwork

When dealing with private sellers, it is your responsibility to follow up on the paperwork. Obtain the (VIN), vehicle identification number to help you get clear details of the car. Ensure the sales tax and financial documentation is in order. Always check in with the local department of motor vehicles to help you verify the information.

Be Professional

Do not contact the seller just for fun. Only contact them when you are genuinely interested in buying the car. Do not call at odd hours or the seller will not take you seriously. Schedule a date to view the car and make sure you show up. In case of any change of plans, alert the seller so they will be comfortable setting another date.

Safety precautions

When you go to view the car make sure it is an open place. Remember they are strangers. Meet at a business place and during normal working hours. If you agree to meet the seller at their personal residence, make sure you are accompanied.