Guide To Make Knowledge a Powerful Tool in Creating a Great Product

The concept of development is an idea of craftsmanship that begins to take effect between function and feasibility. Concepts will be of no use until tested thoroughly.  The complete product development process may have to be changed or discarded to implement new concepts and ideas. This definitely would require resources in creating a new product of various aspects. It involves changes for the better by going into a fresh insight of product development. The implementation of innovation has its own risks and if one sees the positive side, they are called opportunities.


Significant challenges that has to be faced

  • The increased manufacturing of sports and lifestyle products are available in a wide range nowadays.
  • Consumerism has increase threefold which has consequently led to shorter product lifestyles and increased amount of disposable waste.
  • It has been seen that millions of apparel, sports shoes and sports equipment are wasted worldwide.
  • It is a challenge to examine the environmental effect on the composite materials that are used in sports products.
  • The production of sports equipments and the use of synthetic fibres in sports footwear and apparel face the technological challenges associated with the use of these materials.
  • The designers and the engineers involved should be aware of the benefits and problems that are related to new product development.

How far is it beneficial?

  • The product development process requires lower energy and so the greenhouse emissions are automatically restricted as compared to the use of refined iron ore.
  • The composite products that are used are disposed off as landfill which takes several years to break down.
  • Recently all composite products are recycled to yield better quality material.
  • There is now a growing demand for textile fibre with natural cotton and synthetic polyester dominating the market.
  • The new sporting products must develop capabilities for sustainable design with recycling taking new product development to another level.