High paying affiliate programs

Although the times when Amazon Associates had no equally strong competitors that could present any threat to the affiliate paradigm and market share that Amazon have owned, and affiliate marketing was the biggest buzz word out there, are a passé, affiliate marketing remains to be a highly lucrative industry. It serves as a key source of income for a lot of internet start-ups. Affiliate marketing is as steady as any other online or brick-and-mortar shop. Everything comes down to consumers that decide to come to a shop or a website regardless of the physical or virtual form. Over the years the number of affiliate programs and affiliates has increased. Some programs have become too crowded to get in and this had a direct effect on the commissions and earnings that affiliates get. However there are still high-paying affiliate programs that operat in the legal industries. No marijuana or cannabis today! In the article we will discuss the best and most profitable affiliate programs that present fresh opportunities for web publishers to earn money.

Affiliate Programs with the highest fees or commissions

1. Amazon.com Associates

Amazon.com is the world’s largest e-tailer, and their affiliate program is – quite logically – the world’s most established and well-known affiliate program. Amazon guarantees its affiliates a fee of up to 10% for successful sales of some categories of products.

There are plenty of upsides to Amazon’s affiliate program. The first thing that needs mentioning is the stability and security of the company. Although Amazon has a lot of competitors in the online market, in comparison to other e-tailers it enjoys the highest trust and recognition. This trust comes from happy customers satisfied with their purchases and associates that receive generous commissions on time, every time.

Since Amazon offers quite a complicated system of determining the fee or commission level just like eBay program, let’s compare them one to another.

2. eBay Partner Network

The eBay partner network works in the similar fashion as the Amazon’s, with fees rewarded to affiliates depending on the product category and the amount of products sold. However, eBay’s affiliate program offers a part of the eBay standard fee to its partners instead of a price-oriented revenue model of other e-tailer affiliate programs such as Aliexpress or Amazon.

A decided benefit of eBay’s affiliate program is that it promises to reward affiliates with a 200% extra money for sales produced by brand new consumers. This spells into a profitable source of earnings if the webmaster can come up with a new way to cater to people that’s never utilized eBay earlier.

eBay’s fee payment system is different for different regions. There are places where fees are as high as 50%, while in others they are equal 80% of the eBay standard reward directly related to the location of the affiliate and the kind of item sold to the redirected customer.

  1. Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Aliexpress is considered the highest paying programs out there. The commissions are 4-50%. Unlike the previous two programs the reward system is not based on the product categories, but on individual products. The percentage is taken from the prices of products, not the standard fee like in the case with eBay. The advantages of Aliexpress are the mere facts that it is extremely cheap and it is still a fresh new affiliate program with a lot of untaken niches. As an Aliexpress Affiliate you do not have to be as aggressive as Amazon or eBay affiliate website owner. At least, for a while. For a couple of years, until the target markets of Aliexpress get more mature and saturated, the program’s positions remain as they are and continue to be popular among netizens and profitable for affiliates. Start as early as possible, this way you can smoothly reap the best rewards. All you have to do is to register on the official website of the program, build a webstore on a simple WordPress platform using Aliplugin, create good content and start promoting it on the web.

The end result of every ecommerce shop is profits. It is true for its traditional forms, as well as new ones such as affiliate marketing. Do you want to learn more? You have a great opportunity. You can download a free guide on Affiliate Marketing or get a free consultation from the experts of affiliate marketing. You can also find a lot of hopefully useful and enlightening materials about different tools and great promotional techniques for newbie affiliates in blog dedicated to one of the highest paying affiliate programs out there (aka Aliexpress).