How important is processor speed?

Earlier it was easy choosing a computer as you had very little options and people would normally go for the ones which was easy on their pocket. The in depth knowledge about the various parts of the computer was also quite minimal as compared to today. Nowadays with so much advancement in technology, people have become quite tech savvy and keep all sorts of information at bay when going to make a purchase. These days markets are filled with options that suit one and all. You have the most expensive product and at the same time you can lay your hands at cheapest available option as well.

A PC relies on several components to function smoothly. That includes the motherboard, wifi, storage, CPU etc. But for some even today the most important factor will be your PC’s core processor. Modern computer performance is mostly affected by the processor and its storage capacity. These two things will have a great impact on a computer’s speed and memory. Usually, when people go to purchase Mobiles under 10000, they don’t check these details, but still it is important.

Below are the few pointers to be noted with regards to the processor:

  • There are different processors that run at the same speeds but they have different attributes, mostly in cache and the memory channels they have.
  • A processor’s performance even in low-cost PCs, has reached a level that’s convenient enough for the masses. Mostly for word processing, e-mail, and Web stuff etc.
  • The CPU ( processor ) is the brain and heart of the PC as it determines how much work the computer can do at a particular time. Even with the rest of the system having superb performance, the CPU can limit how fast or slow anything can occur in the system. It also processes the operating system, the main controller of the computer.
  • A processor basically works as an instructor to all the multiple applications and processors about the jobs they need to perform. The faster it does that, the faster a computer operates and this will lead to into more productivity and efficiency.
  • Computers with faster processors can run various programs, does a fast download, play movies and do all sort of complex things at a good and reasonable speed.
  • It is always advisable to purchase a higher processing power that can fit into your budgets because it’s not an easy option to upgrade to a newer processor.

Different types of Processors available:

  • AMD offers different processors like FX, A-series, Phenom, Athlon, Turion, and Sempron.
  • ARM offers processors like A-series, Exynos, Tegra, Snapdragon, and OMAP
  • Intel offers Core, Pentium, Celeron, and Atom processors.

A processor’s core count and speed:

A processor can be judged based on its core count and its speed. You have options like dual-core or quad-core processors. A dual-core chip consists of two processors while a quad-core contains four. A quad-core chip is useful when multiple applications need to run at the same time. A single-core or multi-core processors perform faster when they have higher clock speeds.
Processors also manufactured on smaller and are measured by nano meters meaning a new processor which is the same clock speed as old one but because its made smaller in result it produces less heat and can go up to higher clock speeds using lesser power.
In simpler terms when comparing 2 processors from the same generation for example Intel 4th 5th or 6th generation the faster one with more cores is always better due to the advancements in technologies.
Since with new generations of CPU the clock speeds are reducing in some variants but the performance is still higher and also core i7 models from Intel come with hyper threading which basically mimic extra cores during multi threaded computing.

A processor can definitely not be ignored as it makes an integral part of any PC. It is always a good decision to do your research before making any purchase.