How to Grab a Job in SEO Industry and What Are the Commonly Asked Questions?

SEO has been one of the booming careers in India since past few years. With more number of people shifting to the digital platform for their daily needs and other data consumption, companies have also started targeting the digital medium to grow their business.

Check the SEO jobs opportunity and list out the job roles that would be suitable for you. Accordingly, start gathering the required skills to crack the interview. Here are few tips to grab a job in SEO industry and we have also shared the most frequently asked SEO questions in such interviews.

Tips to Grab Job in SEO Industry

  1.    Create a Personal Blog/Website: You need to experiment on a blog/website before attending SEO interviews. If you are not ranking for your website, then the companies will not be interested in interviewing your further.

Ranking for your website would help you to put the interview in your control. You can demonstrate the experiments done to rank your site, and this would make the interviewers feel that you are serious and passionate towards this job

  1.    Get Certifications: Get certifications on Google Adwords, Google Analytics etc. This would give you an edge in the interview. Moreover, Google Adwords and Analytics certifications are free. You can go through the basic videos provided by Google (signup required) to give your Adwords and Analytics exam.
  2.    Internship: Before applying for a job in the SEO industry, doing an internship in some company would help you to get hands-on experience. You can explore new techniques to rank the site, learn about new tools in the industry etc.

Commonly Asked Questions in an SEO Interview

Here are the questions you can expect to be asked in an SEO interview:

  1.    Explain what you know about SEO
  2.    What are the things you do to rank a website?
  3.    Do you know how to make an SEO report?
  4.    How do you do competitor analysis?
  5.    How do you do keyword research?
  6.    Why did you choose SEO as a profession?
  7.    Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the Digital Marketing field?
  8.    Explain about Spider, crawler and robots and their importance
  9.    What are the SEO blogs you frequently go through? And what have you learnt from them?
  10.    Explain about Google Sandbox and how you overcome that?

These are few FAQs in SEO interviews. You have many SEO jobs opportunity on various job portals. Now, it’s time to prepare accordingly and crack the interviews.