How to Sell the Old Phone and Get the Most Money?

Follow Product Cycles

Every smartphone company today has its own cycle, meaning that it presents a new product to the market at more or less precise time. And these cycles play a great role and have a huge influence on the price market of used phones. By this fact experts say that the best time for selling your phone of the latest model is right before the following one is released. Exactly at this time the prices for used phones go up. For you as a seller the advice is as follows: once you got the idea of selling your old phone start monitoring the market to know the best time for selling.

Another thing about the cycles and prices is once again to know the market. Before offering your old phone to the people check price for used phones of your model, make and brand in order to create a competitive offer.



As a rule, you can earn much less on the local market of used phones and it is almost impossible to find a buyer in the local community if you need to do it fast. This is why when you decide to sell your used phone, professionals advise right from the very beginning to start selling your item if not worldwide then at least around the country.

The two main considerations about your location are big cities and small towns. Big cities tend to be overfilled with offers meaning that it is hard to find a good buyer because they are too picky. In the small towns it is hard simply because there are not enough buyers interested in your offer. Exactly because of these two reasons you need to think broader and try to make your offer interesting to people out of your city or town. In this way the selling process will go faster and easier.

Age and Condition of the Device

It should be obvious to you that the age and condition of your phone play a huge role in the price you can sell it for. The main “price drops” are the age, damages, visual appearance and of course makes of the phone.

Unfortunately, in current tech society an old phone equals a two-year-old phone. Sometimes if people are not interested in getting the latest make or model of a phone, they just check the old models of phones but the new ones. For example, Samsung phones on sale today have pretty good offers for such people. It means that if you have an old phone then you should not expect to get much money for it.

But if you still have a “working” warranty for your phone it becomes a great advantage when it comes to selling and so adds some extra value to it. If you do not have one and know that the phone does not have an appealing appearance, do not despair, because you can always either sell it for details and get some money or just make a good gesture by giving it for charity.