How to Sync Xiaomi with Mac – Tips and Apps


Xiaomi, a relatively new entrant in the Smartphone business uses its own customized Android operating system. This makes it even more difficult to sync a Xiaomi to a Mac. Syncing data between an Android device and a Mac has not become easy over the years. Here’s a list of some third party apps that may make life easier if you’re a Mac user with an Android device

SyncMate allows you to sync items like contacts, calendars, music and much more between Mac and Xiaomi. SyncMate, an app to sync Xiaomi phones with Mac is undoubtedly a pioneer when it comes to such apps.


Next, we have TunesGO by Wondershare. After rooting your Xiaomi device to Mac you can easily transfer files between your Xiaomi device and Mac. This app allows you to install, uninstall, import or backup Android apps in batch, manage contacts and text messages, back up media files. TunesGo however, doesn’t provide the option to sync contacts, calendars and other items.


DoubleTwist is another great app for managing and syncing media files between Mac and Android devices. This solution is very convenient with a clear and comprehensive interface. However it only syncs media, which is not always enough, as contacts and calendars synchronization is also important.

Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer is a free app by Google aimed at simplifying data transfer between Mac & Android. This app doesn’t sync personal data or allows the transfer of multiple files at once.

Dukto R6

Dukto R6 is another simple app that also supports Symbian devices apart from Windows and Mac. It only facilitates the transfer of files. Synchronize Android Xiaomi with Mac easily with this app.


Dropbox is a very popular free cloud storage facility. Dropbox is a great storage and backup solution, but it doesn’t perform a real sync of data between Xiaomi devices and Macs.

Google Drive

It is a very convenient cloud storage that works with files, contacts and calendars. Whether you need to sync, transfer or manage your Xiaomi data, we are sure you’ll find the most suitable solution after reading this article.