How your business could benefit from a full Excel Consultancy


Most office workers at some point have used Microsoft Excel, whether it’s just simple number crunching or working out their own bills. Excel provides an easy way to work out sums and to store data. Many unfortunately don’t see its full potential of being a master business efficiency tool, we run through a few of the benefits a spreadsheet expert can offer you in regards to a complete consultation

  • .Avoid repetition with Excel Macros

A macro is set-up to ensure you are not repeating the same boring task over and over. Professional Excel consultants can offer you macros that will automatically process tasks you would do on a daily basis but also offer additional functionality that you may never have thought of, this can include exporting data at the touch of a button. You can also set-up macros to generate reports from a variety of different sheets without having to queue up the report every time.

  • Link up to well known APIs

If your business uses Google Maps, Ebay, Amazon or other well known services then you can easily link your spreadsheet up to these third party web apps. If you need to find a location or an address an Excel consultant can make this auto complete or even implement an auto lookup at the touch of a button. This can be as advanced as you need it to be, find a shipping address and calculate your shipping costs without leaving Excel.

  • Share and Migrate Data

With the power of Visual Basic there are no limitations when it comes to exactly what Excel can do. Because VB is a programming tool then Excel can just become a data input source, your data can be sent to external databases and automatically integrated with other software on your device. If you need to send and receive figures fast then this all becomes possible with VB.

  • Customized Excel Dashboards

An Excel specialist can create a user friendly dashboard which will make users not even aware that they are using Excel. Whilst the spreadsheet itself becomes a layer of data, the specialist can create a complete Frontend view layer which gives simple input options and buttons to press. These can even be automatically emailed and secured with logins. A customized dashboard can also be branded to the colour scheme and logos of the company. For more information, or to hire a spreadsheet specialist visit