Increasing Situational awareness with PSIM

What is Situational awareness?

Situational awareness is basically knowing everything that’s going on around you. If you want to be technical about it, this is the ability to quickly identify and process the information coming your way and use it to your advantage whether to engage in combat or to evade.

This is a technical term used when there is a military or police activity going on.

Now, how is this related to the software we’re going to talk about?

Physical Security Information Management or psim basically works based on the concept of Situational awareness. But it also works in a slightly different manner.Image result for Increasing Situational awareness with PSIM

Whereas the Situational awareness we’re talking about is based on an individual’s ability to function properly in any situation, the psim has a farther reaching grasp. This is because this software allows the communication between databases to gather more information about the situation it is in.

This is done through one device that the enforcer has access to. In this case, the most popular gadget would be the common smartphone. The smartphone can perform a lot of tasks and one of those is to handle psim tasks.

This can be done in two ways, the smartphone can be programmed to act as a Physical Security Information Management tool or the individual can use it to connect to the internet and gather information on his own and turn it into actionable intelligence.

By having access to this capability it, increase the combat awareness of the individual as well as his efficiency in the combat area. Information that the individual can gather can be basic information on the perpetrator (if there is one), weapons used, situation on the ground and terrain where he is operating in. By knowing all of these, the operator has more options as to the best course of action to take during that situation.

The operator can also act with the guidance of a telecommunications adviser pointing him in the right direction or consulting with a team of experts. This increases the basic knowledge of the operator on the ground tenfold as he is using the experience of others to augment his own survival capabilities and tactical decisions.

So, in effect the operator is increasing all of his senses through the use of modern technology. He not only sees with his own two eyes but also the images provided by surveillance cameras and satellites. He’s not only using his own brain to think of how to overcome the situation but he’s also using historical data to make better decisions!

So, once again, by having a lot of information available to you as an operator, you’re stacking up the odds against whoever you’re facing off with. It also allows you to weigh your options and decide if you’re going to fight or take flight. Either way, by taking advantage of situational awareness, you’re going to increase your chances of coming out on top. And thanks to modern technology and psim’s, it’s far easier to come out the winner no matter what situation you’re in!