Introduction To Website Usability Testing

If you are thinking of creating your own website, but you are not sure how to make it attractive to other people, then you need to educate yourself. There are also many companies that offer to do all the hard work for you while providing the website usability testing service as well. So, if you want a website that attracts many people, then better seek help than creating something random.

A lot of things need to be considered if you are thinking about creating your website. You need to create a site that will automatically attract people while still sharing the necessary information that you want to give to people. One of the most important aspects of creating a website is to test its usability.

                                          After creating the website you will need to test its usability

What is the usability of a site?

As you should already know from the explanation of the word, usability means how easy it will be to use the object. Here the object is your website. Anything that the users can interact with is considered the usability of the site, and in case of software applications, the usability is defined as the easiness of a person using the software or site to achieve what they want.

Usability is compiled of:

  1. Memorability: meaning how easy it is for the users who already used your website to come back to it and use it again.
  2. Efficiency is how useful your site is as to how fast the users can get what they came for.
  3. Learning ability: the time it will take the new users to get used to your website and do their tasks.
  4. Satisfaction: how satisfied will the users be once they start using your website?
  5. Errors: the number of mistakes (errors) the users will run into while using your website.

Why is this important?

The main reason why the usability is so important is that there are so many sites out there and they are very similar. Because of this, people will use any one of those sites that are the easiest and most efficient, instead of looking into the depths of the

You should create a site that people will love to visit

Usability testing

This is a technique that is used to evaluate your product and in this case the website, as it tests it on other users. Usually, the people who set up the usability test will create a scenario carefully where the person will perform some tasks for the first time on the website.

While that person is using the site, another person will observe and listen to the one who is performing the given tasks. As they watch the person perform the tasks on that website, it will be easier to test whether the website is usable since this way you will be able to see if they have any difficulties with any of the tasks.


There is more than just one method in which you can test the usability of your website. For example, you have the hallway testing where random people will perform the tasks on your website and not the ones who are trained to do so.

Final word

If you are still new to all of this, do not worry, because there are many sites today that can help you create a user-friendly interface and a website that will attract many people. For example, you can check out Polished Pixels, along with other suggested websites, and look up to see which of those companies are to be trusted.