iThemes Security

iThemes Security is the most efficient plugin which attempts to ensure the best security for your WordPress site. The following characteristics reunite in this single product to offer a superior quality in terms of online protection.

  • Brute force protection for WordPress is a feature which helps decrease the amount of failed users’ authentication. When someone tries to enter your account, they will be discouraged from the beginning, being locked out after several failed efforts.
  • The Strong password necessity refers to the possibility of allowing certain users (Admins, users, editors) to establish strong passwords in order to avoid being hacked. This way WordPress can be locked down.This feature comes with the iThemes Security Pro version.Image result for iThemes Security
  • Password expiration gives the users the opportunity to change their passwords more often. Admins can set a default period for passwords’ change and even establish an exact number of days for which the password is still usable.
  • Another feature which draws from the previous one is having the ability of locking out blacklisted users. They may have had numerous unsuccessful logins or many 404 errors.
  • A good WordPress site cannot resist so many online dangers if they haven’t got a preset 404 error detection tool. The role of iThemes Security is to block an IP which is identified as a bot. To set such an automated blockage is easy to do, provided that admins set a limit, let’s say there are about twenty errors allowed during a 5 minutes period.
  • The Away Mode sends away hackers by means of a simple adjustment which makes the site unapproachable in the admin sphere during certain hours of the day.
  • File modification can be easily detected if you set an email delivery service for any change in a file or a page.
  • A thorough and often Backup of your Database is a good piece of advice to follow. Moreover, you can also use another must-have plugin, BackupBuddy, so that you can rest assured that your content is safe.
  • Another method used to ensure a strong protection is comparing modifications of a WordPress basic file on your system with the ones existing on in order to establish whether that change was malicious or not.
  • Use the tool ReCAPTCHA integration, accessible in iThemes Security Pro, in order to set up another security check for the weakest pages, such as the authentication page, the comments page and user registration page.
  • WordPress User Logging allows you to navigate as if you were a certain user. This way you can see users’ saved content, what kind of posts they entered or when they logged out.
  • Another great feature which is a must-have in WordPress is the Private Ticket Support. Here, users can enter their username or email address and receive almost instantly an email with a link to reset their password.
  • The newest characteristic which comes with iThemes Security Pro is called User Security Check which enables the admin to have all the users in one location and see who is logged in, delete accounts which haven’t been used and many more.