Less discussed cameras to buy

The origin of cameras can be traced much further back than the photography itself. Originally evolved from camera obscura, which is a natural optical phenomenon, it underwent numerous technological changes with each generation. From daguerreotype, dry plates and calotype cameras of the 19th century to the birth of photographic filming and Kodak in the early 20th, the evolution of cameras over the years has been phenomenal, to say the least. In fact, the introduction of digital cameras during the late 20th century has proven to be one of the pioneers of advanced modern technology.

Cameras were not as frequently used back in the time like it is applied everywhere today. Back then, its uses were limited only for eithercapturing a certain news related, historical or a sporting event,orfor capturing the moments worth remembering by families while going on a trip together, and that’s pretty much about it.But due to its extraordinary journey across decades of its technological improvements, there hardly goes a day by when a person does not uses his/her camera. Be it Instagram feeds or Facebook postings, be it a moment worth remembering or fora tiniest of achievement, clicking images and recording videos through cameras has become quite a usual routine of our lives.Besides, with a sudden rise and interest in social media networks all over the world, taking self-portraits, as in “selfies” through smartphones or webcams has become quite a trending notion over the past few years. Also,due to various technological advancements in photographic and filming instruments, photography has become more than just a career option for today’s teenagers. For many people, it is actually about following their passion.

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Due to the excessive impulse of taking pictures among the youngsters of today’s generation, and with the term “selfie” being trended all over the world, the sales of all modern forms of cameras are at an all-time high. Top camera companies like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Lumix deservingly reap rich dividends from those sales as they always come up with something new and unique with each of their product. But among those sales, the generic public always purchases top trending cameras whenever there is discounts available. Amidst such purchases, equally efficient but non-trending cameras are always left behind. There are many other camera brands which are equally proficient and resourceful but are highly under-rated. Some of such less discussed cameras which are either underrated or long forgotten today are listed below:

  1. Nikon F-801 – It is a 35mm SLR camera of the late 1980s. It was highly under-rated at the time due to its slow autofocus mechanism in comparison with the others but it made giant leaps of improvements over its predecessor. Even though it did not fare as well as Nikon would have wished for, it still proved to be a reliable camera at the time.
  2. Miranda dx-3 – Miranda dx-3 will go down as one of the forgotten cameras among the photography fanatic community. Released in 1975, it was a 35mm SLR camera which was one of the last ones Miranda ever manufactured. As per that time, it had a potential of being a resourceful and reliable camera. It had an electronic focal plane shutter and a Flash sync of 1/60 a sec along with a standard lens of Miranda Auto EC 50mm f/1.8 and a f/1.4 version.
  3. Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K – For aspiring directors as well as for people who loves recording videos, Blackmagic Cinema Camera has been one of the best choices around. With 2.5k Image Sensor, 12-bit RAW, ProRes, and DNxHD formats along with 13 stops of dynamic range, Blackmagic Cinema Camera helps to record high-resolution videos with ease.
  4. Canon EOS-1D C – In spite of being in the market for just 4 years now, Canon EOS-1D C is already among the forgotten cameras list. Its arrival was never widely discussed even though it can record 4k resolution videos without any downscaling in the Y’CbCr 4:2:2 format.

Purchasing a right camera can be quite tricky at times. Rather than going for an object which shines, aspiring photographers must choose wisely on where to spend their money. Sometimes the brand doesn’t matter, as low profile and less discussed gadgets can spring a surprise or two too.