Lucrative UK Windows Reseller Hosting

I would like to share my experience with this UK Windows reseller hosting company. I have been in search for the best reseller hosting company to start my reseller hosting service. For a long time, I was keen on starting a hosting company but setting up my own hosting server and providing the required infrastructure, etc., proved to be highly expensive and way out of my budget. So I was looking for better alternatives.

I came across this reseller hosting company, which helped me set up my own hosting company now. The difference however is that I do not own these servers myself but this hosting company owns it and I resell their servers under my brand name. It is as good as owning an independent business as I could decide everything including how much to price Windows reseller hosting packages, what kind of packages to feature and so on. All these gave me complete satisfaction.

All that I had to do was to sign up with a reseller hosting plan that fit my needs and run the show online. I have to just market their hosting but of course under my brand name. So I was happy that I am building a successful brand for myself. One of the factors that I was cautious about right from the beginning is finding a hosting company that offered credible hosting servers. This company met my expectations. They gave me what I was looking for and I was able to make my customers happy.

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Initially, I had to keep to very low margins to keep my prices very competitive. I must say that this company offers their premium hosting services at a very low price. This again helped me in pricing my hosting packages low. I was soon able to build my own hosting empire with the help of this company. I am not sure whether I would have been as comfortable and as happy with any other service provider.

Good customer support with the best hosting servers made this reseller hosting company special. I have tried number of other reseller plans and most of them disappointed me. I was constantly on the lookout for the best hosting service providers. Finally, I have managed to lock upon the best hosting service providers in the region.

This company engaged in routine server maintenance that kept my reseller servers in robust condition. My customers in turn had very limited problems. The number of support tickets raised were very low. As I was able to offer good quality hosting services at low prices, my customer base increased fast. Today I am one of the well-established hosting companies. Even today, I continue to use the hosting plans of my parent company because I find them reliable and consistent. They are very professional too. All the emails are promptly answered. Their customer support desk is staffed 24×7. All these make it easy for me to run my hosting business in the most hassle free way.

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