Using Off-Site SEO to Generate Web Traffic

In order for your website to be successful in finding new customers, you have to be able to attract web searchers to it. By using search engine optimisation strategies, you can drive traffic to your site and get visitors to stay on it long enough to convert them into paying customers.

SEO companies such as SLAM Strategyuse both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to drive web traffic to a website.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Both on-page and off-page SEO strategies are used to attract web visitors looking for products or services that your business offers. On-page SEO involves the technical aspects of designing web pages, because it is how a page is coded to draw traffic. This includes the coding of meta descriptions, alt tags and any titles used on a webpage.

Anything that is done off the page to help draw traffic to a website is considered off-page SEO. These activities include adding a blog to your website, listing your site on local directories, actively using your social media accounts or building backlinks to your website. Depending on the strategy used for off-page SEO, you may be able to participate in helping to attract customers to your website.

Being Active on Social Media

You can participate in your site’s off-page SEO by posting on your company’s social media accounts. Although the SEO company you hire may manage your accounts, you can also tweet or post on Facebook on a regular basis. It will allow you to interact with your existing customers and attract the attention of potential customers by responding to posts or answering questions.

Create Blog Posts

One of the best off-page activities to attract traffic is to have a blog added to your website and write posts on a regular basis. This will help increase your site’s search engine ranking, because it can be used to generate fresh content, which may act to maintain your web visitors interest and keep them returning to your site to read new posts. Posts can be written about your company, or new products that are being introduced. Or you can address concerns that customers are having.

Share Documents

Another off-page activity is sharing documents on sites like Slide Share or Google Docs. This activity will also help brand your business. Some of the documents you may share include brochures, presentations about your company’s products or sales techniques, white papers, or business documents that have information that could benefit other people.

Sharing Images

You can also post images of new products, or even photos that you take of the employees who work for your company. Post them to Facebook or Pinterest and tweet the link on Twitter to generate interest from your customers, or to attract new potential customers to your site. You can even share the design options for your company’s new logo and create a poll to see which logo your customers like the best.

These off-page activities can be shared between you and the SEO company responsible for your site’s SEO strategy to generate more traffic.