What is SuiteCRM?

CRM stands for Customer Resource Management and SuiteCRM is software that is developer for Customer Resource Management. Customer relationship management is the managing of a company’s present and future customers in order to develop the sales growth and also mainly focusing on customer retention. SuiteCRM is considered to be the world’s best CRM tool. It was developed by sugar CRM based on its previous release and it is a free and open source application. SuiteCRM will always remain completely open source. They are following a three month update cycle to fix the bugs, improvement and security problems. There have been more than thirty updates since its initial release.

How SuiteCRM helps in Education?

By implementation of SuiteCRM in the education line the customers are mainly referred to students or parents. An institution can become fully automatic with a SuiteCRM. Just like any other software SuiteCRM eases your documentation efforts and increases efficiency. It also helps in managing Parent student relationship. The tool gathers all data and analyzes everything with respect to other, so that it is easy to generate reports and analytics. This helps in the assessment of the institution and shows the areas of improvement required, which makes SuiteCRM Education CRM. SuiteCRM monitors the complete history of a student from admission to enrolment.

Procedures for using SuiteCRM

The downloading and installation of SuiteCRM is very easy and even basic computer knowledge is enough for doing it. The amount that you pay for suitecrm is worth your money and not high considering the benefits and uses of this tool. If you need assistance, you can always get support from the forums in which experienced persons can guide you, or you can use the dedicated support for immediate assistance. This support is provided on hourly basis so that you need to pay only for the hours that was taken to solve the issue and unlike other paid software it saves you lot of money. There are few subscription plans available, from which you can choose the plan which suits you. These plans are simple and save your money.