Why Are Stand up Desks in Demand Today?

Stand up desks have been in fashion since the time of Dickens, Hemingway, and Kierkegaard, but they were not often used in the office setting. However, now times have changed and stand up desks are becoming widely popular.

Various researches have been conducted that conclude in a common observation that sitting for longer duration of hours over time can result in various health problems like diabetes and obesity.

Here are some of the popular reasons why stand up desks at PrimeCables.com are in great demand these days:

  • Less Risk of Obesity- Sitting at one spot all day means that you are not indulging yourself in any physical movement. This means that whatever you eat starts getting stored in your body. Since there is less movement involved, it means that you have less rate of metabolism and thus the fat that you stored is going to burn less. Over the years, this will give rise to obesity. Stand up desks, on the other hand, will keep your metabolic rate optimal as you are going to stand to work and burn more calories and fat.
  • Less Risk of Diabetes- If you sit for longer hours to work, then there are chances that regulation of glucose in your bloodstream gets disrupted. This disruption is particularly called metabolic syndrome and can lead to the risk of diabetes. Standing desks ensure that you stand and maintain the glucose level in your bloodstream and thus there is a less risk of diabetes.
  • Improved Work Efficiency- If you are working for longer durations of time and that too in a sitting position, you are likely to get more stressed and exhausted. But if you have a standing desk and you keep switching your positions amongst standing, sitting, and walking, then you are going to be more comfortable. Since you are going to be more comfortable in your workplace, your productivity would increase and you will be able to complete your work with more efficiency.
  • Less Risk of Cancer- Many researches have showed that sitting and lack of physical movement can give rise to cancer, particularly breast cancer and colon cancer. Standing for few minutes during your working schedule will reduce the risk of getting cancer by huge amounts.

The above mentioned points are some of the prominent reasons why more and more offices are now including stand up desks in their infrastructure.